When to Call. What to Say. How to Help.

When calling or texting 911 in a true emergency, it’s important to have as much information as possible to give the calltaker. Knowing these 3 things will get the help you need as quickly as possible.

When to Call

  • Medical emergencies
  • Fire event
  • Weather crisis
  • Law enforcement need in progress

What to Say

  • The type of emergency
  • Your location 
  • Your name and phone number
  • Current situation and immediate safety issues

How to Help

  • Give as many details as possible about your location – exact address, street signs, nearby businesses, landmarks, mile markers, interstate signs, other specifics – blue car parked out front, red brick, white fence, big oak tree, etc.
  • Speak clearly
  • Listen carefully and answer the calltaker’s questions
  • Follow all calltaker directions
  • Stay calm and stay connected