Eight Emergency Agencies Under One Roof

Delivering faster emergency response times through inter-agency coordination.

Graphic showing the logos for the agencies housed under Madison County 9-1-1.

The Huntsville-Madison County 911 Center is a combined 911 center with eight total agencies. By locating police, fire and emergency medical systems together, we deliver faster, more accurate emergency responses.

Advantages of a combined 911 center include:

  • Reduced response times
  • Improved response accuracy
  • Shared equipment and services to maximize budgets
  • Improved interoperability and cooperation when emergencies require a multiple-agency response

Which Agencies Are Housed in Our Call Center?

Huntsville-Madison County 911 System

Non-emergency number: (256) 722–7140





Madison County Sherrif’s Office logo.

Madison County Sheriff’s Office

Non-emergency phone number: (256) 722–7181





Madison County Fire Department logo.

Madison County Fire Department

Non-emergency phone number: (256) 722–7171





Huntsville Police Department logo.

Huntsville Police Department

Non-emergency phone number: (256) 722–7100





Huntsville Fire & Rescue logo.

Huntsville Fire & Rescue

Non-emergency phone number: (256) 722–7120





City of Madison Police Department logo.

City of Madison Police Department

Non-emergency phone number: (256) 722–7190





City of Madison Fire Department logo.

Madison Fire & Rescue

Non-emergency phone number: (256) 722–7192





Huntsville Emergency Medical Services logo.

Huntsville Emergency Medical Services (HEMSI)

Non-emergency phone number: (256) 722–7150